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Greece: MOT.O.E.’s motorcycle training gets European quality label

Five new motorcycle training programs in Italy, Cyprus, Greece and Portugal have received the European Motorcycle Training Quality Label. The award is a joint initiative of the European Motorcycle Manufacturers Association (ACEM), the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) and the German Road Safety Council (DVR).

The European Motorcycle Training Quality Label aims at the voluntary participation of motorcyclists in real safe riding training, distinguishing them from those that contain racetrack techniques or emphasize technical skill. If the number of road accidents does not decrease on European roads, then we are likely to see more restrictive measures against motorcyclists.

The program ‘Advice in Advanced Riding – E.Q.L.’ of the Hellenic Motorcycle Institute Motothesis is the natural evolution of the long-term involvement of specific executives of motorcyclists’ organisation (and FEMA member) MOT.O.E. in advanced riding training since 1996.

The program ‘Advice in Advanced Riding – E.Q.L.’ has unique features that make it a superior program. Some of them are:

  • Addressing to every motorcyclist who wants to improve his safety, by supplementing knowledge that was not acquired in the basic training before the exams for the driving license but also what is needed to move confidently on the existing road network.
  • Adapting to the individual needs of each learner.
  • Being conducting in any part of the country – and outside Greece – as it uses daily roads for training, excluding racetracks and track driving techniques.
  • Being offered at a very low cost for those who want to participate in the program. The low cost is due to the unpaid supply of volunteer trainers, who are fully committed to improving the road safety of those who love motorcycles.
  • Being recognized by the private insurance sector, providing trainees who complete the training and successfully participate in the exams, reduced insurance premiums (approximately 45%) for their motorcycle.

Source: MOT.O.E.

Top photograph by Motothesis

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