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Join a motorcyclists’ association in your country.

Our member organizations, each in their country, drive the fight for riders’ rights through political action at local, national and international level.

By joining a motorcyclists’ association that is a member of FEMA, a part of your financial contribution as a member will go to support FEMA for its work at European level.

And just as important, you will lend us your voice so we can speak in your name. As a federation of democratic organizations, FEMA’s strength and political power comes from its members.

Austria Bikers’ Voice
Belgium Fédémot
Cyprus Cyprus Motorcycle Rights Club cyprus_logo50
Czech Republic UAMK
Denmark Danske Motorcyklisters Råd dmc_col
Denmark MCTC
Finland Moottoripyöräkerho 69 mp69_bw
Finland Suomen Motoristit smoto_bw
France Fédération Française des Motards en Colère
Germany Biker Union bu_bw
Germany Bundesverband der Motorradfahrer
Germany Kuhle Wampe kw_col
Greece MOTOE motoe_col
Iceland Sniglar Bifhjólasamtök lýðveldisinns BLSbw
Ireland Irish Motorcyclists’ Association
Norway Norsk Motorcykkel Union nmcu50
Romania MotoADN
Spain Asociación Nacional de Motoristas
Sweden Sveriges MotorCyklister
Switzerland IG Motorrad igmotorrad