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French motorcyclists keep fighting technical inspections

Last weekend, the French motorcyclists’ organisation FFMC took to the streets to – again – show its reasons for its opposition to an unnecessarily restrictive, mandatory technical inspection of motorcycles and other powered two-wheelers. According to FFMC only 0.3% to 0.4% of accidents are linked to a technical defect, compared to 30% of accidents due to road conditions.

FFMC – a member of FEMA – denounced the denial of democracy which led to this measure rejected in 2012 by the French National Assembly and the Senate, and adapted in 2014 by the European Parliament in order to allow member states to implement put in place more effective alternative measures to improve the safety and environmental performance of motorized two-wheelers.

FFMC fully plays its role in preventing accidents, for which education and improvement of infrastructure will obviously do much better than this poultice on a wooden leg. Motorcycles and other powered two-wheelers are a mobility solution, popular with its 4 million users in France.

Faced with the record success of the demonstrations against the technical inspections on April 13 and 14, with more than 60,000 riders mobilized throughout France, FFMC is strengthened in the pursuit of its actions and remains more than mobilized. FFMC will continue its resistance against mandatory technical inspections for motorcycles. It is already preparing a national action on an unprecedented scale with the ambition of bringing together all road users.

In the words of FFMC: the fight is not over!

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