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EU parliament: driving disqualification should apply in all EU countries

Transport Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) want driving disqualification decisions to apply in all EU member states and for more offences to trigger cross-border

Dolf Willigers retires from FEMA – A true motorcyclist says goodbye

Today, 1 November 2023, FEMA's General-Secretary Dolf Willigers (66) officially retires from his job. Dolf was a volunteer with a Dutch motorcyclists' organisation since 2000, where

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Climate plans provide chances for motorcycles

FEMA's Dolf Willigers: 'Motorcycles are not the problem but part of the solution and go well with the present climate ambitions'. The fuel- and material-efficiency of

Energy transition and the future of motorcycling

Will motorcycling as we know it change - or maybe even vanish - because of the energy transition that is announced by many governments? FEMA's