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Motorcyclists unite – FEMA and FIM formalize their relationship

The two most influential motorcyclists’ organisations have committed to work together even more closely. FEMA joins FIM as an associate member, which will formalize and

Can electronic warnings improve road safety for motorcyclists?

C-ITS systems (Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems) that warn a motorcyclist of an upcoming danger only work if the rider is interpreting the warning correctly and

Opinion pieces

Call to action: let’s stop road bans for motorcyclists together

Road bans as a result of complaints about excessive noise are a serious problem in countries like Austria and Germany. Regina Stiller, chair of Bikers’

Climate plans provide chances for motorcycles

FEMA's Dolf Willigers: 'Motorcycles are not the problem but part of the solution and go well with the present climate ambitions'. The fuel- and material-efficiency of