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Cyprus financially stimulates buying electric motorcycles

Cypriot motorcyclists have successfully lobbied for motorcycles to be included in the governments stimulation package to promote the sale of electric vehicles.

CMRC, the Cyprus Motorcycle Rights Club (and a member of FEMA), has been closely monitoring the Cypriot parliament’s discussion and voting concerning the ‘Green Deal’ project. Noticeably absent was the provision and planning to include motorcycles in the various proposed funding schemes. Wasting no time, CRMC sent out letters to both the Minister of Road Transport & Works and the EAC (Electricity Authority Cyprus) requesting and advocating the benefits of including motorcycles in the overall planning.

Some of the key points mentioned, were the increase in new motorcycle sales adhering to European standards, reduction in environmental pollution and noise, financial growth of motorcycle sellers and increased safety due to the various electronic systems and speed capabilities. CMRC have received a positive reply from both above mentioned parties. Motorcyclists can now benefit from the incentives given for the purchase of electric vehicles. EAC has also stated in their official letter to CMRC, that their order for charging stations will also include motorcycle suitable chargers.

Stella Arkadi, CMRC’s press officer, said: “We will continue monitoring all developments, not only in this case but in all future ones in accordance with our mission for safety and improvement in all aspects concerning motorcycle riders in Cyprus. We will do everything we can to also secure grants for home-charging points and we feel confident we will succeed!”

Top photograph courtesy of Harley-Davidson

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