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European motorcyclists’ organizations with a democratically organised membership structure, and representing the motorcycle riders’ interests in their country, are welcome to apply for FEMA membership.

Why should your organization join FEMA?

  • Document watch: FEMA is always keeping an eye on what new legislation is in the pipeline for motorcyclists and informing the members about what’s coming up.
  • Real influence: Through FEMA membership, riders in your country will suddenly have real influence on decisions taken by the EU-institutions.
  • Policy: Through FEMA membership, the member organizations get access to policy papers and position papers that could be translated and used in your country.
  • Network: You get access to an international motorcycle network that can provide ideas, experience, facts and arguments for your campaigns and projects.
  • Support: Through FEMA membership you can get access to international support for national campaigns.
  • Stuff: You get access to an international network that can provide you with films, photos, booklets, logos etc, that can be used in your country.
  • Data: Through FEMA membership you get access to the mailing list that can provide you with hardcore and updated European statistics, e.g. accident statistics, traffic regulations, insurance data and much more.
  • The upper hand: FEMA membership will give you access to information that will give you a huge advantage, greater influence when dealing with your national road authorities.
  • Last, but not least: Your organization will become a part of an international motorcycle community.

FEMA Committee meetings and share of votes

Every member organization gets between 2 and 30 votes according to their size. The FEMA Committee, comprising all member organizations, meets three times per year, for a day long meeting. The meetings are held twice in Brussels and one is hosted by a member organization.

Each organization can bring a maximum of two delegates to the meetings. The organizations pay the expenses of their own delegates’ participation. The meetings also provide a valuable opportunity to meet with other delegates from riders’ rights organizations.

What would be the annual fee to join FEMA?

The minimum annual fee, for organizations with up to 350 members is €583. For larger organizations we will make the calculation based on your membership numbers. A few examples:

For an organization with 1,000 members the annual fee is €1,665
For an organization with 6,000 members the annual fee is €9,470
For an organization with 12,000 members the annual fee is €18,212
For an organization with 20,000 members the annual fee is €24,036
For an organization with 40,000 or more members the annual fee is €32,356

There are different calculations for federations of clubs and for organizations with mixed membership (individual members + individuals affiliated through clubs). We will be happy to make the calculation based on your situation.

How does your organisation become a member of FEMA?

In order to make a decision on whether an organization is working for riders’ rights, FEMA needs this information from the applicant:

• Membership structure (individuals, clubs, mixed structure) and membership level
• The Constitution translated into English
• Other policy documents of interest
• Activity report, for example media coverage, letters, campaigns and your national activities

Your organization will be invited to a FEMA Committee meeting to make a presentation. The FEMA committee will then make the final decision on your membership.

Contact the FEMA Office for more information
Dolf Willigers