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Technical inspections in Sweden: motorcycles are the best!

Year after year motorcycles in Sweden are the best performing vehicles in technical inspections. The vehicle that has the least need for a Periodical Technical Inspection (PTI), in terms of failure rate, is the motorcycle. The number of failures has not increased since 2004.

In Sweden, motorcycles must be inspected for the first time no later than four years since they were put into service, and every two years after that.

Photograph courtesy of SMC

The Swedish Transport Agency collects statistics from all inspection agencies. It clearly shows that there is no vehicle category that has so few failures as motorcycles.

Only 9% of the inspected motorcycles have to come back for a second test, while for buses the number is 25%, heavy lorries 44% and cars 24%.

From reviews by the Swedish Transport Administration of those killed in motorcycle accidents, we know that very few motorcycle accidents are due to technical errors. The fact that the motorcycle owners take good care of their motorcycles also leads to fewer accidents.

As of 2018, motorcycles older than 40 years are exempt from the inspection, as well as some amateur-built vehicles, that must undergo a registration inspection before they can be exempted from the inspection requirement.

When the inspection was deregulated in Sweden, the price of the inspection went up. Swedish motorcyclists’ association (and FEMA member) SMC conducted a survey at the end of 2015 which showed that there is a difference of approximately €30 between the cheapest and most expensive inspection.

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