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German motorcyclists fight for open roads

German motorcyclists’ organizations have to spent a lot of their time and efforts on road closures for motorcycles.

And let’s face it: these road closures do not only affect German riders, they also affect riders from other countries that love to ride through the beautiful German countryside during their holidays.

Road closures for motorcyclists in Germany still seem to be the only solution the authorities are able to come up with, when it comes to dealing with incidents involving motorcyclists and reports of noise pollution. For German motorcyclists’ organization (and FEMA member) BVDM this leads to the question ‘Does the misconduct of individuals justifie that all motorcyclists are deprived of riding pleasure?’. Their answer is a strong ‘no’ and BVDM therefore fights against road closures for motorcyclists.

Legally the blocking of a road for motorcyclists is only permitted if other, minor measures (such as targeted traffic monitoring) have been unsuccessful. BVDM’s opinion is very clear: the possible misconduct of a few should in no case be sufficient to prevent others from exercising their fundamental rights.

In order to prevent the complete closure of routes, which should always be the last measure, BVDM participates in meetings and advises authorities. BVDM also talks to local residents and motorcyclists along popular motorcycle routes, which leads to a better understanding and can even lead to more realistic solutions than road closures.

Using the map below you can zoom in on the current German road closures.

Top photograph courtesy of inFranken

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