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A motorcycle is still the best way to travel to work

FEMA’s Mobility test, held in a number of European cities, once again shows that riding on two wheels will get you to your destination quickest and cheapest.

Already over 70% of the European citizens live in urban areas and the number is expected to increase to over 80% in the next decades. This means that congestion, parking problems and air quality will be a growing problem in the future. Many commuters still prefer to travel in their cars and spend much time in traffic jams and looking for parking spaces. Public transport, walking and cycling are promoted by the European Union, national governments and local councils as the preferable alternative.

FEMA’s Mobility test shows that there is a better alternative available already: the motorcycle.

Click here for the test report.

Thank you to the organisations and all the volunteers that made the Mobility test 2023 possible!

Written by Wim Taal

Top photograph courtesy of BMW

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