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FEMA advices Korean specialists on motorcycle safety

Two Korean road safety researchers visited the FEMA office in Brussels to exchange views on road safety for motorcyclists.

In Korea many young motorcycle riders die or get injured as a result of an accident. To do something about this, the Korean government is looking for ways to enhance road safety for motorcyclists, especially the younger ones.

In search of new ways to enhance road safety for motorcyclists, researchers Myo-Hee Myeong and Soo Yeon Song of the Korean Road Traffic Authority visited Europe.

In Brussels they talked with FEMA General Secretary Dolf Willigers about initial rider training, the European Driving Licence Directive and its implementation, and post licence training.

Good rider training, which is also aimed at risk awareness, social behaviour and a defensive riding style, is one of the most important ways to reduce the number of accidents and decrease the number of fatalities and injuries. The present situation in Europe, where only the testing is regulated on a European level, and where the focus of the tests is almost exclusively directed at technical skills, initial rider training and testing plays a lesser role in improving road safety than it could and should do.

Since young riders in Korea often use small motorcycles, they also talked about e-bikes, mopeds and 125 cc motorcycles and the legal framework in Europe around these vehicles, including the kinds of driving licences, insurances and crash helmets.

korean_smcBefore the meeting with FEMA in Brussels, the Korean researchers visited our Swedish member organization SMC, where they talked to General Secretary Jesper Christensen and Political Secretary Maria Nordqvist.