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NMCU Norway celebrates the anniversary of a great victory for motorcyclists

Motorcyclists’ organizations are working hard to defend riders’ rights. During this hard work, we sometimes forget to celebrate what was achieved. So please take a break for a couple of minutes and let us tell you about a great example of what hard work and perseverance can lead to.

Exactly ten years ago FEMA member organization NMCU achieved a great victory: a ban on the use of cable barriers in Norway.

Let’s take a quick look back: in 2006, after prolonged pressure from NMCU, the then transport minister Liv Signe Navarsete prohibited the use of cable barriers (or wire rope fences) in Norway. The ban was introduced in the interests of motorcyclist safety.

Forces in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) however expressed the wish to repeal the ban and in 2012 the Directorate of Public Roads asked the transport ministry to allow the use of cable barriers again. The ministry started a broad consultation and motorcyclists’ organizations NMCU delivered a comprehensive response to the consultation. NMCU argued strongly for the ban to be upheld.

NMCU pointed to research reports stating that cable barriers are more dangerous for motorcyclists than other types of railings, especially if the motorcyclist hits wire median barriers at highway speeds. NMCU pointed out that there are good alternatives for cable barriers and the reintroduction of wire fences would not provide any documented advantages.

The ministry considered the arguments of both the NPRA and NMCU and decided that the ban on cable barriers should be upheld. The ministry’s grounds for the decision were the motorcyclist feeling of insecurity, the high maintenance costs and that there are alternative railing types.

NMCU is glad that the ministry’s wise decision still stands after 10 years. And so is FEMA!

So there you have it; another great example why you should join your national motorcyclists’ organization…