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Advanced training saves Greek motorcyclists cash

Greek riders can save a lot of money on insurance if the succesfully follow the advanced riding training provided by Greek motorcyclists’ organization (and FEMA member) MOTOE.

Motothesis, the Greek Institute of Motorcycles founded by Greek motorcyclists’ organization MOTOE, is launching its partnership with insurance company Q Rep SA.

Q Rep SA offers riders who have attended the institute’s Advice in Advanced Riding (AAR) training program and successfully passed their advanced riding exams an excellent offer: a 40% discount in their insurance fees.

Insurer Q Rep SA, as the legal representative of Qatar Insurance Company Europe Limited in Greece, rewards the effort and the self- commitment of any motorcyclist who wishes to improve his or her safety without being forced by legislation.

With this, Q Rep SA recognizes the quality training Motothesis offers. The AAR training program is a long-term endeavor to obtain prestige and acceptance of post-license trainings. This effort is for the motorcyclists’ road safety and it contributes to the safety of all users on everyday roads.