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President’s new year’s address

The best thing about 2022 was the FEMA Spring meeting we had been waiting for: after two years we could finally organise a real meeting again, with real people (and real food and beer). The beautiful motorcycle campsite of our Danish member MCTC was the perfect place to meet old and new friends in motorcycling. If all goes the way we hope, we will have our Spring meeting 2023 in Norway, organised by our member NMCU. Can’t wait …

FEMA President Anna Zee (photo by Wim Taal).

Energy transition
Our work in Brussels has also been returning to ‘normal’; more and more meetings are taking place with members of the European Parliament and with representatives of the European Commission. And there is a lot to discuss, such as the energy transition, which is something that will have an enormous impact on motorcycling as we know it. We don’t think a simple ban on the sale of new motorcycles with an internal combustion engine is the answer. As you know from all the articles we have published on the subject, FEMA says electric motorcycles and motorcycles with an internal combustion engine can exist side-by-side.

Historic motorcycles
We will also keep representing the owners of older motorcycles because it’s important to us to keep our heritage alive. Historic motorcycles should be exempt from mandatory periodical technical inspections, from low and/or zero emission zones and from road taxes, according to a large majority of the motorcyclists who responded to FEMA’s survey on the definition and use of historic vehicles, so there is plenty of work to be done.

Transport poverty
Motorcycling isn’t just for fun trips, for many of us the powered two-wheeler is the way we travel to work, or to school. FEMA will keep addressing the risk of ‘transport poverty’, where citizens are not able to pay for private or public transport. Motorcycling must be affordable to as many people as possible to prevent social exclusion. The work FEMA can do here could impact the lives of many riders.

Follow us
FEMA’s general secretary Dolf Willigers and communications officer Wim Taal are ready to make sure no policy maker can ignore the motorcycling issues that are important to you and me. I’ll take this opportunity to thank both for all the excellent work they have provided and continue to provide on our behalf. Already 2023 promises to be an exciting year, so make sure to follow us on our social media channels.

Motorcycling needs you
The COVID-19 pandemic has had its impact on FEMA and all the national motorcyclists’ organisations, but we faced the challenges head-on and we came out stronger. For FEMA and all its national member organisations to continue working for your rights, it is crucial to have the support of as many individual riders as possible. So, make sure you renew your national membership, or join as a member today.

On behalf of our member organisations and the entire board of FEMA, I want to wish you all a wonderful 2023. Ride safe!

Anna Zee,