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Cypriot riders: ‘higher fines for traffic violations against motorcyclists’

CMRC, the Cyprus Motorcycle Rights Club (and a member of FEMA) had a high-level meeting on road safety for motorcyclists. CMRC met with the Road Traffic Director and with the Ministry of Justice Road Safety Advisor.

The meeting revolved around various road safety issues, but CMRC highlighted the need for proper and continuous training that all motorcyclists should receive plus the importance of information seminars in schools and military camps, as a way to educate the younger generation. CMRC also offered to provide our services in police events or seminars as safety advisors.

A hot topic which was discussed in detail, was the ongoing and various road construction works and safety problems of the road network which put motorcyclists at multiple risks. CMRC pointed out the dangers associated not only to the motorcyclists, but also to their bikes, since minor accidents or bike parts damage although an often occurrence, are not taken into serious consideration.

Another important issue were the various police inspections targeted at motorcycles and mopeds only, in an effort to reduce accidents. CMRC suggested that a police campaign aimed at car drivers would be an better way to address this matter, since information and awareness serve prevention and of course mutual respect. CMRC is ready to promote and support such police campaigns.

Based on this, another key point was about obtaining a car driving license and the relevant training procedure. Basic, theoretical motorcycle lessons for all car drivers is another easy way for educating and creating better understanding of the needs and safety concerns for motorcyclists.

Finally, CMRC concluded the meeting with the subject of traffic violations and penalties. CMRC proposed a possible penalty increase for specific violations that result in traffic collisions with motorcyclists and requested that the same alcohol limit should be applicable to all road users.

On the other hand, for minor violations a remark would be sufficient and in case of small changes or modifications such as an exhaust for example, a request to present the motorcycle to the Road Transport Department for further inspection is preferred, rather than immediate confiscation.

Overall, the meeting was carried out in a very fertile atmosphere and the willingness to co-operate was evident by both parties. Special thanks was given to CMRC for their offer of knowledge and experience on a non-profit basis, in order to raise awareness and promote road safety.

Written by Stella Arkadi, CMRC press officer

Top photograph courtesy of CMRC

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