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The FEMA Committee says goodbye to Dolf Willigers

This weekend, during FEMA’s Committee meeting in the Netherlands, the Committee said its official goodbyes to FEMA General Secretary Dolf Willigers, who will start enjoying his retirement on 1 November 2023. This was his last Committee meeting.

Members of the Committee, the representatives of FEMA’s national member organisations, presented Dolf with a generous travel voucher, so he and his wife Francien can start his retirement by traveling and spending some time together

In a later article we will look back at Dolf’s eight years as FEMA’s General Secretary.

A well deserved Certificate of Recognition.
FEMA President Anna Zee presents Dolf Willigers with a Certificate of Recognition
Bernard Niquille from Swiss motorcyclists’ organisation IGM presented Dolf with a special watch.
Peter Bartlett from Irish motorcyclists’ organisation IMA presented Dolf with an engraved Zippo lighter.
Christopher Hodder, Public Affairs Manager with FIM, presented Dolf with a plaque.
Dolf’s wife Francien (r) of course was not forgotten!
British motorcyclists’ organisation BMF presented Dolf with the David Dingley Memorial Award 2023.


All photographs by Wim Taal

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