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Corona crisis: free motorcycle parking in Stockholm

Parking fees for motorcycles in Stockholm are suspended during the time of the Covid-19 crisis in Sweden

This very welcomed change of views on powered-two-wheelers enabling a new cooperation between politicians and bikers, announced  by the chief councillor Daniel Helldén (Green Party) for traffic matters in the Swedish city of Stockholm, will hopefully outlast this crisis. The fees for parking motorcycles and mopeds was introduced in 2017 despite huge and loud resistance from FEMA member SMC.

The decision was built on a proposal by SMC. It makes it easier and more economic to take the motorbike to work and to help others in need during these harsh times without risking that virus can spread even more. Prior to this important step the public transport company SL announced a recommendation not to use their subways, commuter trains or busses. In order to hamper the spread of Covid-19 SL even reduced the amount of departures on important bus lines for example, only to succeed in the opposite namely squeezing more people into their busses than it otherwise would be necessary. Furthermore, people are showing a new kind of solidarity delivering groceries and medicine to those who cannot or should not leave their homes. Similar steps concerning cars and other means of individual transport have been taken in the light of getting control of the virus.

Widely known for its different approach, Sweden still resumes to be the last country standing on liberal actions in order to cope with the virus. In many other countries the situation is quite different. Motorcycle associations around the globe and many bikers themselves have concluded that leaving the bike in the garage would be the best thing to do in order to contribute their part to assist the medical infrastructure. Based on how Swedes deal with the crisis and the circumstances thereof, Sweden shows once again that powered two wheelers are part of the solution, not the problem.

Written by Maria Nordqvist (SMC)