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FEMA welcomes Bikers’ Voice from Austria

The international motorcycling community keeps growing! This time we welcome a new riders’ group from Austria to the table.

On Saturday 2 October 2021, the FEMA Committee meeting was held, with representatives from motorcyclists’ organizations from all over Europe. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the FEMA meeting could not be held in Brussels, so we used an online platform instead. During this meeting we welcomed Austrian organization Bikers’ Voice as a new probationary member.

Thomas Schluet from Bikers’ Voice (see top photo): “Bikers’ Voice is a young group that was formed in 2020 to legally protest unfair restrictions against bikers in Austria. Starting with the 95-dB-edict from the Tyrol we found several other topics to work on. To get more information about what is going on in Europe, we contacted FEMA to start working together and sharing information. The earlier you know what is going on, the more time you have left to plan your reaction. So, we are looking forward to a bilateral productive cooperation within the European network of motorcyclists’ associations. As bikers we are used to be at the receiving end of laws and regulations, but now we hope to have at least some influence coming from people who ride a bike rather then just sit in an office chair.”

For more information on Bikers’ Voice, please visit their website or go to their Facebook.