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Advanced motorcycle training in Cyprus

The Hellenic Institute of Motorcycle  MOTOTHESIS (He.M.I.) of MOT.O.E. (The Greek Motorcyclists’ Federation) responding to the invitation of Cyprus Motorcycle Rights Club (CMRC) presented the Advice in Advanced Riding (A.A.R.) program in Cyprus. The CMRC shares common points of views on motorcyclists’ training with MOT.O.E. As it is already known, MOT.O.E. and CMRC are members of the European Federation of Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA) and support FEMA’s job on motorcyclists’ rights.

He.M.I. instructors Thomas Kakadiaris and Evangelos Lemonides, were found in Limassol, Cyprus, from 22 July to 26 July, hosted by the Cyprus Motorcycling Rights Club. The aim was to present the Advice in Advanced Riding (A.A.R.) program.  CMRC intends to transfer A.A.R. in Cyprus. This is a precursor to a more general and systematic effort, with the ultimate goal of developing safe riding in Cyprus.

This weekly training session was a challenge for the Institute’s instructors, since the Cyprus legal framework, the road network and the educational framework are different from the Greek situation.

The theoretical lessons were hosted on municipal facilities in Limassol. The observed rides were made on the daily road network of the wider region. The Club proposed as trainees five experienced members of it, who completed their weekly training successfully. The required examinations took place at the last day of the training program and they were certified as Advanced Motorcycle Riders.


The training started on Monday July 22 2019 and was completed on Friday July 26 2019 with the candidates’ examinations. Trainers spent hours of riding on the roads with trainees despite the high temperatures. Selected theoretical issues and workshops added to develop skills and form attitudes of safe behavior by the trainees.

The development of post–license trainings in which motorcyclists can improve their safety behaviour is necessary. Motorcyclists are interested in protecting themselves more than any other road users. Everyday roads are the most complicated environment and we need serious suggestions how to improve our skills and proceed to the next stage of advanced riding. Advanced riding is about the overall management of every traffic and not just skill handling of the bike. Attention should be paid to avoid teaching racing techniques that by definition are not post-license training and  jeopardize those riders who carry these techniques on everyday roads by turning them into a race track.

Both the CMRC and MOTOE believe that the essential response to road safety issues for motorcyclists is to improve education. Problems will not be resolved by strict laws, fines and police actions. The safety has to do with training and everyone’s personal commitment to make roads safer for ALL!

Written by Thomas Kakadiaris, He.M.I. Director.

Photography by CMRC and Dolf Willigers