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International conference on road safety for motorcyclists

FEMA will participate as a speaker in the International conference on road safety for motorcyclists. This conference is jointly organized by AISICO s.r.l. and ERF. It will be held in the AISICO premises (Pereto,Italy) on the 20th of September 2019.

The object of the conference is to investigate the main issues related to the road safety for motorcyclist from different points of view and sensitize the industry experts about it.

The first conference session will be dedicated to the actual problems related to motorcyclists, the risk of impacting a safety barrier and the importance of installing motorcyclists protections systems (MPS). The European technical specification CEN/TS 17342:2019 (supersedes CEN/TS 1317:8) will be analyzed and as well the new decree that has been issued in Italy last April which gives indications to reduce the impact severity of motorcyclist collisions with safety barriers. During this session a crash test on a MPS will be carried out.

The second session focuses on physics and impacts mechanism in case of an incident. Medical and biomechanical problems will be investigated, and all participants will be able to attend a full-scale crash test of a lateral impact on motorcycle. The second crash test will be realized in collaboration with the University of Florence.

The conference is supported by FEMA, AMI, FIM Europe and the support of the following universities: University of Florence, University of Milan-Politecnico di Milano, University of Naples and the University of Rome-La Sapienza..

You can find the agenda here.

For more details about the conference click here

Participation is possible on invitation only. If you are interested please contact the organizers:


Written by Dolf Willigers
Photography: AISICO and Dolf Willigers