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Swedish road users like motorcyclists

A survey shows that motorcyclists are the second most liked road user group in Swedish traffic. This is a positive result for motorcyclists’ association SMC, since motorcycle riders often face criticism.

The number one are tractor drivers and in third place you find the lorry drivers, according to a survey from the car broker Kvdbil. The survey also shows that dangerous overtaking is the behaviour that makes most people see red.

Motorcyclists are liked all over the country and in the big city regions of Stockholm, Malmö and Göteborg.

The group that is most disliked are the bicyclists. Every second Swede (51%) thinks that the bicyclists are at the bottom. The friction between motorists and cyclists has always been there. Motorists think that cyclists take up too much space and hinder traffic flow, while cyclists, on the other hand, think that they have an equal right to use the roadway.

In major cities, users of electric scooters are seen as the worst road users (photograph courtesy of

The bicycle riders don’t have the worst reputation everywhere; there has been a new type of traffic that even more people are annoyed with, at least in the cities and among non-motorists. The electric scooter is a mobility solution in an urban environment, but unfortunately there is a lot of uncertainty about which rules apply and this of course creates conflicts between electric scooters and other road users, says Daniel Odsberg, sales manager at Kvdbil.

In Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö (the three biggest cities in Sweden), the users of electric scooters are seen as the worst road users by 62% of the motorists. Besides being annoyed by bicycles and electric scooters, 23% of motorists are annoyed by the behaviour of taxi drivers.

The most annoying behaviours are dangerous overtaking (68%), usage of a mobile phone while driving (62%) and bicyclists who are not obeying the traffic rules (49%)

Written by Maria Nordqvist (SMC)

Source: Kvdbil

Top photograph by Joachim Sjöström