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How motorcyclists spend the summer holiday in 2020

More than 90 percent of Europe’s motorcyclists will take a motorcycle holiday this summer and they are willing to spend their money. Recent news about stricter sound checks in certain countries has not affected their holiday plans.

FEMA conducted a quick on-line survey to find out how many motorcyclists will travel abroad on their bike in the summer of 2020 and how big the financial impact will be on the countries motorcyclists visit.

  • For more than 92 percent of the respondents, their motorcycle is the vehicle of choice when it comes to this year’s summer holiday.
  • The motorcycle community is split down the middle when it comes to the choice to spend the holiday in their own country (51,15%), or to travel abroad (48,85%).
  • For the motorcyclists that travel abroad this summer, the favourite destinations are Germany (14,81%), France (13,33%) and Italy (12,10%).
  • On average motorcyclists spend €1.110,65 on fuel, food & drink, accommodation, et cetera during their motorcycle holiday.
  • A large majority of the respondents (65,82%) say their choice of country has not been influenced by recent news about stricter noise/sound checks in countries like Germany and Austria.

Written by Wim Taal

Photograph by A.P. Groeneveld

To download a pdf file with the survey’s full results, click here.

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