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French protest against technical motorcycle inspections

The highest administrative court in France has judged that mandatory periodical technical inspections of motorcycles and other powered two-wheelers has to be introduced. French riders’ organisation FFMC calls on bikers to show their anger on the weekend of 26 and 27 November 2022.

FFMC says: “When France introduced vehicle inspection for cars in the 90s, 17% of accidents were related to a technical problem with the vehicle. We can therefore legitimately think that it was useful. For motorcycles, the most recent and detailed studies show that less than 0.5% of motorcycle accidents are linked to a problem with the vehicle. This would therefore really be of no use except to satisfy the


technical control lobby, which has provided the European Commission with plenty of oriented studies. It should also be remembered that the training and examination for the motorcycle license include a much more extensive ‘technical checks’ section than the car licence, that these checks are facilitated by the easy accessibility of all the safety devices on a motorcycle, and that the motorcyclists are much more aware of the condition of their vehicle. Even if it means spending 70 euros every two years (the price of a good pair of gloves that really protect you), we prefer it to be for something useful.”

Consequently, the FFMC calls on bikers to show their anger on the weekend of November 26 and 27, 2022. You will find the information of the demonstration here.

Source: FFMC

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