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FEMA represent motorcyclists in the TIMON project

Wednesday 21 December 2016 FEMA General Secretary Dolf Willigers and CORTE Chief Executive Officer Rémy Russotto met in the CORTE Office to discuss the TIMON project and to handover the Letter of Intent.

Dolf Willigers and Rémy Russotto.

FEMA is now part of the End Users Board of TIMON. In this position it represents the motorcyclists and expresses their needs in enhanced real time services for optimized multimodal mobility. During the meeting some of these needs were already discussed and also the specific characteristics of motorcycles and other one-track vehicles compared to cars and trucks.

The TIMON project was launched in June 2015. The ultimate aim of the project is to provide services and applications to all transport ecosystem users that would help improve road transport safety, sustainability, flexibility and efficiency.

The TIMON project believes that the persisting problems related to congestion, traffic safety and environmental challenges could be solved, if people, vehicles, infrastructure and businesses were connected into a cooperative ecosystem.