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The European Parliament is back in session

The European Parliament is back in session, so let the lobbying begin! All MEP’s get a letter from FEMA, explaining our role as representative of European motorcyclists.

Dear Sir, Madam,

On behalf of the 40 million European citizens who use powered two and three-wheelers – to commute or for leisure, professionally or for a private use, with a moped or a big motorcycle – we congratulate you on your election to the European parliament.

Amongst the many issues you will have to deal with during your mandate, motorcycling may look like a minor topic. However, it relates to many of the challenges our society has to face: mobility, environment, consumer protection, freedom of choice, and of course road safety. You will find that the riders are very passionate people, eager to defend their rights and their freedom. They are also experts on motorcycling, and have a lot of experience and propositions to share.

Unfortunately the road users are not always listened to. Many regulations regarding them are designed without taking their input into account, which leads to poorly designed regulations, badly written, sometimes with results opposite to those intended. Yet we all share the objectives of better road safety, cleaner environment, less traffic, etc. The riders across Europe are very creative and dynamic in proposing training, awareness campaigns, and many other forms of actions they are more than willing to share, to reach these objectives in an effective, public-spirited way.

The Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations democratically represents national road-riders organizations from many member states. As a liaison between the citizens and the European institutions, with a permanent office in Brussels, FEMA is available to answer all your questions regarding this mode of transportation, especially in light of the upcoming votes. Our experts, researchers and elected representatives would appreciate the chance to provide you or your assistant with the relevant objective facts and actual, from-the-road on two-wheels experience. Please do not hesitate to contact us as part of your process of determining your opinion on these complicated issues.

Again, welcome (back) to the European parliament, we look forward to a constructive collaboration and wish you a constructive term in Parliament.

The riders of Europe, represented by FEMA.