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Riding tips for motorcyclists of all ages

NMCU, the Norwegian motorcyclists’ organization, gives riding tips for new motorcyclists in the book ‘Full Control’. But even more experienced riders might just learn something new…

Motorcycle riders must not only deal with a demanding vehicle without protective bodywork, we are so vulnerable that we also must take responsibility for errors and mistakes by other road users. Therefore many motorcycle organisations claim that motorcyclists must become an elite amongst road users.

One condition for safe riding is to master a precise riding technique. A motorcyclist must be able to steer, brake and accelerate – the only three operations that can be done on a motorcycle. This is the theme for the first part of this book.

But, a good riding technique is not enough to be a safe motorcyclist. Riding technique is onlya tool to implement the tactical and operational choices you constantly have to make on the road. In order to make the right decisions, one must have a basic understanding of traffic, though through strategies and good self-awareness.

We know from research that the risks of taking incorrect decisions are dramatically reduced when you get some experience, so in the second part of the book we have gathered most of what experienced motorcyclists know about the road, traffic, motorcycles, equipment and accessories.

It is difficult to gain true experience by reading a book, but it probably helps to get some qualified advice on the way. Although Full Control is intended primarily for new motorcyclists of all ages, we also believe that experienced riders can benefit from reading this book – if only to nod in recognition. Full Control is written by motorcyclists for motorcyclists.

For your easy-to-read digital version of Full Control click here.