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NMCU & Bikelife: working together for Norwegian motorcyclists

Norwegian motorcyclists’ organisation NMCU has joined forces with BikeLife, which focusses on the ‘feelgood’ side of motorcycling, to strengthen the voice of Norwegian riders.

NMCU celebrated its 50th anniversary last year and is the only nationwide motorcyclists’ organisation. NMCU works to ensure that Norwegian motorcyclists are politically represented. This happens through actively influencing directorates, ministries, and politicians.

“We are good at political work, but to constantly strengthen our impact NMCU has been keen to establish and develop good collaborations with other players within motorcycling”, says NMCU’s chairman Odd Terje Døvik. The agreement with BikeLife represents a breakthrough in this work. Bikelife has succeeded in areas where we need to renew ourselves, therefore this will be a very exciting collaboration. BikeLife has managed to utilize new communication platforms in a very effective way. They have also managed to attract new generations of motorcyclists in large numbers.”

“We have invested in spreading joy, being positive and engaged. It has caught on”, says BikeLife’s Thomas J. Winther. “We have many volunteers who, among other things, moderate our ever-growing Facebook page, which now has 31,300 followers. Above all, we have been successful on our social platforms, Facebook, web, YouTube and podcasts. We have invested in driver development to strengthen motorcyclists’ skills and encouraged women to ride motorcycles.”

“We need many and strong motorcycle voices in Norway, and we hope that the cooperation with BikeLife will make NMCU an even stronger political force in the years to come”, says Odd Terje Døvik. “This is a win-win, NMCU must further develop and refine its profile as an interest organisation and BikeLife will strengthen its position as the preferred meeting and gathering point for Norwegian motorcyclists.”

A membership in NMCU is a membership in BikeLife – and vice versa – and gives full benefits from both organisations, and the list of member benefits is still growing. And NMCU will continue its political work, with a strengthened economy and a larger membership backing NMCU.

Photo by BikeLife

About NMCU
The Norwegian Motorcycle Union (NMCU) was established in 1972 as a nationwide organisation for motorcyclists and has around 10,000 members. NMCU has a head office in Oslo with one full-time employee. NMCU is represented in it the European umbrella organisation FEMA (Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations). NMCU uses this arena to influence and learn from our European sister organisations, and the challenges they face in their countries.

About Bikelife
Bikelife produces podcasts, YouTube material, runs a Facebook group and has a website that distributes news and information about motorcycling. The focus is on good driving experiences, Zero vision and the joy of driving a motorcycle in Norway and abroad.

Written by Wim Taal

Source: NMCU

Top photograph courtesy of Are Kjersem

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