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FEMA members elect new board

At the Annual General Meeting on 4 February 2017 the members of FEMA, together in Brussels, elected a new board.

The FEMA board now consists of Anna Zee (president), Jim Freeman (treasurer), Maria Nordqvist, Theo Beeldens and Eric Maldiney.

At the meeting in Brussels the FEMA comittee didn’t just discuss European motorcycle policies, there was also room to listen to and have a discussion with guest speakers Doede Bakker (FIVA) and Hennes Fischer (Yamaha). Doede talked about the world of historic vehicles and Hennes spoke about connected and automated mobility.

Text & photography: Wim Taal

Guest speaker Doede Bakker from the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA).
Jesper Christensen (SMC) with guest John Chatterton-Ross (FIM Europe), Morten Hansen NMCU and FEMA president Anna Zee.
FEMA president Anna Zee and guest speaker Hennes Fischer (Yamaha).
Marios Constantinides (CMRC) invites the FEMA committee to Cyprus for the June meeting.