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Motorcyclists on Cyprus raise awareness

On Cyprus, after a number of serious accidents involving motorcycles, the local riders took to the streets.

Last week they were many accidents with motorbikes involved on Cyprus. They were two deaths and four riders were badly injured. For a small island such as Cyprus those are very high numbers and the Cyprus Motorcyclists Rights Club quickly decided to organize an event to raise awareness.

Members of the club went to two of the five cities of the island, asking for caution in the roads and respect for motorcyclists.

The club asks motorcyclists to wear a protective helmet, use their headlights and only ride with a proper license and insurance. They ask car drivers to pay extra attention and look for motorcyclists.

Their request is mutual respect for all those who use the roads and respect for the traffic rules, so that road accidents can be prevented and there will be no more loss of life on the roads of Cyprus.

The Cyprus Motorcyclists Rights Club is an official FEMA supporter.