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Hundreds of motorcyclists demonstrate in Berlin

Under the motto ‘Riding together, fighting together for our rights’, the German motorcyclists’ organisation Biker Union (a member of FEMA), organises a rally every two years to draw the attention of politicians and the public to the specific problems of powered two-wheelers.

This year,on 26 August 2023, the demonstration led from the starting point near Schönefeld Airport across the western part of the city to the Berlin exhibition grounds and from there on to the Brandenburg Gate, where the final rally took place.

Biker Union chairman Rolf Frieling (photo by Wim Taal).

In his speech, Rolf Frieling, chairman of the Biker Union, pointed out that Biker Union has had a lot of success with its work since it was founded 37 years ago. As a recent example, he cited the ‘Leaflet on the Improvement of Road Infrastructure for Motorcyclists’ by traffic engineers, in the development of which Biker Union has been significantly involved. By a decree of the Federal Ministry of Transport, the leaflet has been setting the state of the art in terms of motorcycle-friendly road construction and road maintenance for two years, which has led to and will continue to lead to a significant improvement in road safety. Unfortunately, however, many of the demands on politicians have not yet been implemented. So there is still a lot to be done.

In addition, Tedy Bach, deputy chairman of the Biker Union, pointed out in his contribution that it is important to stay on the topics continuously, which is not easy for an organisation in which only volunteers work. Often, the prevention of further restrictions on powered two-wheelers must be considered a success.

Rolf Frieling: “From our point of view, this year’s rally can be considered a success, even if the number of participants did not quite meet our expectations. The capricious weather of the last few weeks has apparently prevented many from making their way to Berlin. The cooperation with the police, especially with the Berlin motorcycle squadron, which did an excellent job and brought us back to Schönefeld safely and without incident after the rally, worked well again. We are already looking forward to the Biker Union rally in 2025.”

Written by Wim Taal

Source: Biker Union

Top photograph courtesy of Biker Union

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