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Police Scotland on motorcycle theft: Don’t give thieves an easy ride!

In a new campaign Police Scotland is calling on visitors and tourists who travel to Scotland on a motorcycle to be aware of motorcycle thieves.

Flyers are available in English, German and Dutch (click on the language of your choice).

Here are some of the tips Police Scotland:

  • Fit a combined alarm and immobiliser.
  • Fit a tracker.
  • Use chains and disc locks. The more security on your bike the longer it takes to overcome them and so the less attractive it is to a thief.
  • When using chains and locks, ensure they are secured to a solid anchor point. Keep them off the ground where possible as this makes them more difficult to cut off.
  • Cover your motorcycle and ensure the cover is attached to the security device.
  • Use industry tested products.
  • Always activate the steering lock.
  • Do not leave your helmet or other possessions on the motorcycle or in luggage space or panniers.
  • Where possible use Parkmark accredited parking, as these areas should be more secure. See for a list of accredited car parks. Alternatively, park in well-lit areas, ideally where there is CCTV.
  • Ensure you have a note of your vehicle identification number.

British motorcyclists’ organisation MAG – a member of FEMA – is very concerned about the growing number of motorcycle thefts. Colin Brown, MAG’s Director of Campaigns and Political Engagement, said: “We are doing a lot of work on the issue of motorcycle theft in the UK. Edinburgh has been particularly badly hit over the last year with thieves often deliberately targeting the bikes of European riders on touring holidays in Scotland. Police Scotland have developed information leaflets in a number of languages advising riders to take measures to keep their bikes secure. Naturally we do not wish to discourage riders from visiting Scotland, but it does make sense for riders to be warned about the theft issue particularly in Edinburgh. Other parts of the UK are of course theft hotspots as well. This tends to be the major cities, London, Birmingham, Manchester etc, so the advice applies to riders planning on visiting any part of the UK.”

Written by Wim Taal

Source: MAG & Police Scotland

Top image courtesy of Police Scotland