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Members of the European parliament host safety debat

Hosted by members of the European parliament Wim van de Camp and Inés Ayala Sender the 2015 FIM Dinner Debate in the European parliament saw the launch of a new report by the International Transport Forum (ITF) on motorcycle safety.

ITF’s Véronique Feypell de La Beaumelle outlined the process that led to this work starting at a motorcycling conference held in Norway back in 2008. The report is very positive towards motorcycling.

Jesper Christensen, FIM Director and delegate to FEMA, explained to guests that the ITF report has formed the basis of new discussions between FIM Europe and the Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations (FEMA). This has led to a new partnership between the two organisations.

From left to right:

Anna Zee, President of FEMA
Rolf Frieling,  Biker Union Germany
John Chatterton-Ross, FIM
Dolf Willigers, FEMA
Inés Ayala Sender, Member of the EU Parliament
Wim van de Camp, Member of the EU Parliament
Jan Breckwoldt, Suzuki Germany
Veronique Feypell de La Beaumelle, International Transport Forum
Steve Aeschlimann, FIM
Didier de Radiguès, former GP motorcycle racer
Jesper Christensen, FIM
Morten Hansen, Norwegian Motorcyclists Union
Silvio Manicardi, FIM Europe 2nd Deputy President

Pictures courtesy of Thomas Blairon.