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German motorcyclists join forces in Berlin

The highlight of this year’s Biker Union rally, called the ‘Sternfahrt’ or star ride, took place at the Brandenburg Gate in the heart of Berlin’s government district.

The five-day motorcycle demonstrations of the Biker Union were launched throughout Germany under the motto ‘Riding together, fighting together for our rights’ and attracted riders from every corner in the country, who rode to Berlin together in convoys.

With this 13th Biker Union rally the German riders’ protest was aimed at a number of issues:

  • Against road closures for motorcycles, which are considered a clear violation of the principle of equality.
  • In favour of better underrun protection on crash barriers, because the posts work as a guillotine in a motorcycle accident.
  • Against improper road repairs with bitumen, which acts like soap in wet conditions.
  • Against the ban of badges of certain motorcycle clubs.
  • In favour of the inclusion of motorcycles in modern mobility concepts, as a comparatively environmentally friendly means of transport.

Biker Union, one of FEMA’s member organizations, shows that riders are still ready and willing to fight for their rights and take to the streets to get their point across.