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FEMA appoints communications officer

FEMA president Anna Zee: “On behalf of the board, it is my pleasure to inform you that Wim Taal has been appointed communications officer and will join the FEMA staff at the beginning of May.”

Anna continues: “I and the Board look forward to working with both general secretary Dolf Willigers and Wim Taal to strengthen FEMA as an organisation with real influence on the future of motorcycling.”

Wim Taal has been working as the policy officer for MAG Netherlands since 1998. MAG Netherlands is the Dutch riders’ rights organization and is a FEMA member. Wim has been MAG’s representative at FEMA for eighteen years, so he knows the organization like the back of his hand.

The communications officer will be responsible for all aspects of FEMA’s communication. Besides that he will spend a part of his time looking for new member organizations and fundraising, in order to strenghten FEMA.