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Swedish Transport Administration: ‘Riding a motorcycle is fantastic fun’

This is how the Swedish Transport Administration welcomes new riders: “Have you finally started your journey towards becoming a motorcyclist? Towards long trips in Europe or spontaneous excursions and evening trips with friends? Wonderful!”

A unique cooperation between Sweden’s motorcyclists, traffic schools and transport administration has resulted in a brand-new campaign to increase road safety, particularly for new riders. After two years of meetings, riding together and detailed discussions, a common view of how to ride a motorcycle was achieved.

Together the trainers, the road authorities and the motorcyclists came up with a campaign that is not just aimed at new riders, but at teachers in traffic schools, the examiners and at motorcyclists in general as well. The scheme will also be introduced at SMC Schools, where nearly 500 trainers teach more than 250 advanced training courses during each motorcycle season. SMC is the Swedish motorcyclists’ association and a member of FEMA. “SMC is pleased that through good cooperation we have reached a common consensus that will benefit motorcyclists’ road safety”, says Jesper Christensen, secretary general of SMC. “The corporation has paved the road for further initiatives in traffic safety for users of powered two-wheelers”, according to Jesper.

To be a safe motorcyclist, five areas are identified that are important to think about and act on:

  • Self-esteem to help you become a thinking motorcyclist
  • Interplay between technology and tactics
  • Manoeuvring at low speed
  • Driving on country roads
  • Paying attention to the warning signals

The website that is part of the campaign, gives extensive information about motorcycling, illustrated with helpful videos.

Written by Maria Nordqvist (SMC)

Top photograph courtesy of Husqvarna

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