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Austrian bikers protest the 95dB regulation

Motorcyclists’ organisation Bikers’ Voice (a probationary member of FEMA) is organising an information & protest rally for equal treatment, against the 95dB regulation, against motorcycle road bans.

In some Austrian regions motorcycles with a registered standing sound emission of more than 95 dB (A) are banned from using the road. But how realistic is this limit?

“Motorcyclists need a strong united front against unequal treatment. And for having our civil rights respected. We are legal tourists, not criminals” – Regina Stiller, Bikers’ Voice.

The rally will take place on Saturday May 21, 2022 from 08.00- 18.00h at the Paddock Salzburgring (A1 exit Thalgau between Hof and Salzburg).

Click here for all relevant information about the rally.

Source: Bikers’ Voice

Top photograph by Wim Taal

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