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Norway’s Morten Hansen made honorary member of SMC

During the FEMA Committee meeting on Cyprus, on Saturday 11 June, the Swedish motorcyclists’ organization SMC put the spotlight on our Norwegian friend and colleague Morten Hansen from NMCU, who is retiring at the end of this year.

On behalf of SMC, Maria Nordqvist said the following during the FEMA meeting: “This person was invited to the SMC Annual Meeting 2017 but couldn’t make it. I’ve been asked, by the board of SMC, to present an award to this person in the Committee today. There are few persons who’ve done so much for the motorcyclists in Europe, Scandinavia and his home country like this man. He is simply the prudence in one person! This, in combination with his humility, his incredible knowledge about anything concerning motorcycles, makes a huge impression on everyone in his environment. He is the man behind the most modern drivers license education for motorcycles, a ban against cable barriers, the Full Control concept which includes a book, a film and education, the first Vision Zero road for motorcyclists in the world, guidelines for motorcycles in infrastructure in his country and much more. We can make a very long list. Within SMC we’ve had the pleasure and advantage to cooperate with this man who soon is about to retire from the motorcycle lobby. In SMC we would like to pay attention to this man with one of the finest awards you can get as a motorcyclist, an honorary membership in SMC. I am of course talking about the Man, the Myth and the Legend: Morten Hansen from NMCU.”

Photography: Wim Taal