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Motorcyclists need worldwide solidarity

The recently founded ‘FEMA Worldwide Solidarity Fund’ will help motorcyclists’ organizations all over the world to learn from European political experience in motorcycle issues.

As FEMA grows bigger and becomes more influential, we notice that more and more motorcyclists’ organizations from non-European countries approach us for help and support. For example: FEMA recently accepted an invitation to come to Brazil to share our knowledge at a large motorcycle road safety conference and we regularly receive similar requests for support and information on motorcycling issues from other countries all over the world.

Many of the activities arising from these requests are outside of FEMA’s normal scope of activities. However, FEMA strongly believes in solidarity among riders and the FEMA constitution clearly states that we should co-operate with and lend aid to riders’ organizations throughout the world.

The FEMA Committee has recently decided to set up a Worldwide Solidarity Fund, to make it financially possible for the FEMA staff to spend a part of their time and efforts on the global requests for support and information.

FEMA’s General Secretary Dolf Willigers: “Our members have agreed to allocate money to the FEMA Worldwide Solidarity Fund, but of course we are calling on other parties to contribute financially to this fund as well. Motorcyclists around the world sometimes need our help and the expertise we have gathered in Europe throughout the years can be a great help to others in our motorcycle community.”