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New Icelandic campaign: do you know who´s behind the helmet?

Iceland’s motorcyclists’ association BLS – member of FEMA – launched a new campaign to increase motorists’ awareness that motorcyclists are part of the traffic mix. The images used for the campaign show the person behind the helmet.

We talked with Steinmar Gunnarsson, BLS´s FEMA representative: “Over the years BLS has, along with other stakeholders in traffic, spent time and effort on safety campaigns and doing our best to remind other road users that we share the road. This year´s approach used some of the phrases we have used before but using quite different imagery.”

Steinmar continues: “The BLS´s 2020 campaign is somewhat like what it has been over the years: by saying ‘Look twice’ we are referring to a two-pronged meaning this time. First you see a person on a motorcycle then you see the person behind the helmet. This also reminds all of us to look twice, because there could be a motorcycle coming at you.”

‘We are all valuable’ ‘The phone can wait’ ‘All of us should sleep at home tonight’

Eight people took part in this as models, people who represent a cross section of society. All photos will be published on BLS´s homepage:

Photography by Ívar Helgason

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