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Swedish motorcyclists launch guidelines for safer roads

SMC, the Swedish FEMA member organization, is working in all fields concerning motorcycle safety. SMC has just released guidelines which show how roads can be improved for motorcyclists.

SMC’s Maria Nordqvist: “Today there are few initiatives of adapting the roads to other users than those traveling by car. Our guidelines include advice to all road authorities on how to include motorcyclists when roads are planned, built and maintained. The guidelines are based on accidents in Sweden, research, facts and regulations in Sweden and similar initiatives in other countries.”

Maria continues: “These guidelines are essential to include motorcyclists in the Vision Zero concept since there are no guidelines about the inclusion of motorcycle safety in the regulation for infrastructure. This is the reason for SMC to write the guidelines about safer roads and streets for riders. The guidelines are printed and will be sent to SMC’s 67,000 members with the membership magazine in the end of April with a request to spread the information to everybody involved in roads and road safety.”

SMC will also send the guidelines to all stakeholders involved in road safety in Sweden; road authorities in Sweden, all local authorities and regions, the government, the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Transport Agency and many more. SMC also offers personal contact with motorcyclists all over Sweden in order to start cooperation for improved safety for all vulnerable road users, including motorcyclists.

Click here for the report (in Swedish).

A slow speed crash barrier accident that occurred on the E4 in Sweden, due to poor friction. Speed: about 15-20 km/h. The rider was seriously injured.