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Swedish motorcycle vision 2.0

The Swedish Motorcyclists Association SMC has presented ‘The motorcycle vision 2.0’ in English.

The Motorcycle Vision 1.0 was presented at the Tylösand Road Safety Conference 2008 for the first time. The aim was to introduce the motorcyclists’ views on the targets in Vision Zero and how they should be achieved. Six years later SMC releases the Motorcycle Vision version 2.0, updated on the basis of statistics, research, new knowledge and experiences.

The Swedish Motorcyclists Association, SMC was formed in 1963. Early in our history the members started to realize the importance of working with road safety, the need to educate members, authorities and decision makers in order to influence decisions and gain focus on our needs.

SMC has for example requested a helmet law, compulsory dipped headlights and a separate motorcycle license. As early as 1973 SMC began offering voluntary advanced training for motorcyclists. Thus, SMC has for over 50 years pursued a Vision Zero – with our own goals, in our own way and with our own methods.

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