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Swedish electric bikers get a bonus

The Swedish government has announced a scheme to financially support people that buy an electric bicycle, moped or motorcycle.

The rules for the government’s ‘electricity premiums’ are ready and decided. In the coming three years 35 million Euros will be handed out annually among those who have bought electric motorcycles, electric mopeds or electric bicycles.

The regulation on contributions to private individuals for the purchase of electric bikes, mopeds or motorcycles will come into force on 1 February 2018. The premium is maximum 1,000 Euro (only once per person).

When the Swedish government presented the proposal for the first time, motorcycles were excluded. Swedish FEMA member SMC talked to the ministry and sent in a proposal which also included motorcycles. The proposal from SMC gave results. When the proposal was amended Friday 15th December 2017, it included not only electric bicycles and electric mopeds but also electric motorcycles. For SMC, the decision is a success.

“SMC is satisfied that the government listened to our arguments and included motorcycles in the scheme. And it is also really good to hear that the minister of environment Karolina Skog sees electric motorcycles as a part of the solution to reduce congestion and emissions”, says Maria Nordqvist, political secretary at SMC.

The Minister for the Environment, Karolina Skog says in the press release: “More electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and electric mopeds can improve the conditions for commuting and transporting in a climate-friendly mode and increase access, also at a bit longer distance. The government expects the new electric premium to transfer travels from cars to electric bicycles. If more people use light electric vehicles instead of cars, global resource use and climate emissions can decrease, and they can also contribute to better public health.”