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Success: Romanian scrap program will include motorcycles

In Romania it is now possible to get a financial bonus if you scrap your old car and buy a new motorcycle. An extra bonus is given for buying an electric motorcycle.

FEMA’s Romanian member MotoADN, that was only founded in 2018, already booked a success in their battle to have motorcycles included in the Romanian scrap program. The Romanian government agreed with their request, backed with almost 8,000 signatures, to include motorcycles in the program to give vouchers to car owners who let their old cars be demolished.

Romanian owners of old vehicles can receive a voucher of 3,500 Lei (€ 734) to buy a new car or motorcycle and an additional eco bonus of 3,000 Lei (€ 629) to buy an electric vehicle. This way, the Romanian government tries to reduce the emission of CO2 and toxic gasses.

For MotoADN this is a great accomplishment. From the beginning they campaigned for the inclusion of motorcycles in the scrap program and managed to get the support of almost 8,000 people, clubs, motorcycle importers and the Ministry for Environment.

MotoADN was founded at the end of 2018 and joined FEMA already in June 2019. Although the organisation is still small, they are very active and successful. With stickers, a photo contest annex calendar, active use of social media et cetera they try to have motorcycles accepted as full-fledged means of transport in Romanian traffic.

Coincidently, this week the EU competition regulators approved a €53 million Romanian plan to set up charging stations for electric vehicles. The program aims to set up a network of recharging stations throughout Romania for hybrid and battery-electric vehicles. It will cover urban, suburban and rural areas. Combined with the scrap program and the additional bonus for electric vehicles this could give a boost to the transition to electric vehicles in Romania.

Click here for MotoADN’s factsheet (pfd file)

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