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Riding your motorcycle abroad

THIS PAGE IS 'WORK IN PROGRESS'! If you travel abroad on a motorcycle, you will be affected by laws and regulations that differ from country to country. And motorcycle rules may differ from rules for cars. So prepare for your foreign motorcycle trip and use the information below. For specific rules on

Norway’s Morten Hansen made honorary member of SMC

During the FEMA Committee meeting on Cyprus, on Saturday 11 June, the Swedish motorcyclists' organization SMC put the spotlight on our Norwegian friend and colleague Morten Hansen from NMCU, who is retiring at the end of this year. On behalf of SMC, Maria Nordqvist said the following during the FEMA meeting:

Road safety, an ongoing challenge

Dolf Willigers, FEMA’s general secretary, writes about his work in Brussels, representing European motorcyclists. The nicest part of my job is that it is all about motorcycling. And when I have to go somewhere, to a meeting in Brussels or elsewhere, naturally I use the motorcycle. Not only because it´s more

Norwegian motorcyclists debate with the minister of transport

Norwegian motorcyclists’ organization NMCU organized a debate in their stand at the Oslo Motorcycle Show. NMCU had invited the Norwegian minister of transport, Ketil Solvik-Olsen and he came to the NMCU stand to discuss self-driving cars versus motorcycles. NMCU (the Norwegian FEMA member organization) also invited car manufacturers Tesla and BMW.

In 25% of motorcycle deaths in Sweden a crash barrier is involved

During the first eight months of 2016, 32 people died in a motorcycle accident in Sweden, which corresponds to the total number of the previous year, according to Swedish motorcyclists' organization SMC. The sad record is that so far this year 25 percent of the motorcyclists killed, died in a collision

SMC & FEMA meet top political advisor in Brussels

FEMA and its member organization SMC had a constructive meeting in Brussels with top political advisor Petra Söderqvist. Petra Söderqvist is the political advisor to Jens Nilsson, member of the European parliament for the Swedish Social Democrats. Jens Nilsson is a member of the parliamentary committee on Transport and Tourism (TRAN). Present

Safe infrastructure is a basic right for all road users, including motorcyclists

FEMA’s General Secretary Dolf Willigers travelled through Europe this summer and noticed that there is still a lot of work to be done to improve our road infrastructure. During my travels this summer, mainly in the northern part of Europe, I was confronted again with a great variety in road infrastructure.

How to prevent motorcycle theft

Watch the video and you will be amazed to see how easy it can be to steal a bike. It only takes seconds for thieves to pick up your bike and load it into a van or to hotwire it and ride off. Here are some tips on how to prevent

Electric motorcycles are ready for Norwegian roads

Energica’s electric motorcycles are now available in Norway. FEMA’s member organization NMCU was present at the launch and took the Energica’s for a test ride. In May 2016 the Energica importer in Norway organized a press- and retailer kick-off in Oslo. The manufacturer, Energica, was also at hand for the occasion,