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Norwegian motorcyclists want to benefit from road safety investments

The Norwegian authorities have allocated 60 million Euro for measures to keep employment up during the corona pandemic. This includes money to make significant improvements to the Norwegian infrastructure.

The Norwegian Motorcycle Union (NMCU) – a member of FEMA – is working to ensure that this extraordinary grant for road improvements will also benefit motorcyclists.

Odd Terje Doevik, chairman of the Norwegian motorcyclists’ organization, says: “We see that upgrading guard rails and clearing roadside terrain are listed as concrete measures, so we expect that the work on guard rail will also include the assembly of motorcyclist-friendly guard rails, by installing motorcycle protection systems. When it comes to clearing the roadside terrain, it is important that this is done in a way that also meets our safety needs.”

These measures have been highlighted as a priority in the Norwegian Public Road Administration’s own publication The National Strategy and Action Plan for Motorcycle and Moped 2018-2021.

Odd Terje Doevik makes the point that motorcycle protection systems on guard rails and so-called forgiving roadsides are reasonable measures to increase road safety for motorcyclists as well. In addition, clearing the roadside terrain can improve sight lines, and make it easier for both car drivers and motorcyclists to make the right speed and track choices. Forgiving roadside terrain means to remove or move dangerous objects, such as trees, stones, rocks, poles et cetera, which benefits all vehicle groups.

Text and photography by Frode Asphaug-Moe (communication officer NMCU).