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Norwegian motorcyclists meet the transport minister

This week NMCU chairman Odd Terje Døvik met transport minister Jon-Ivar Nygård on the television program Good Morning Norway.

The topic was what can be done to prevent accidents on motorcycles, considering last year’s summer of accidents. The Norwegian motorcyclists’ organisation NMCU (a member of FEMA) points out that, unfortunately, it is often coincidence that determines the outcome of a motorcycle accident.

The tv reporter had been on a driver development course, and aired the idea that this could be a solution to increase the competence of motorbike riders. When asked about this, minister Nygård replied that it would be an advantage if as many people as possible updated their riding skills, especially at the start of the season.

At the same time, he acknowledged that a small proportion of motorcyclists participate in advanced rider training, and that it can be difficult to reach those who may need such an update the most. Well-grown men are one of the groups that appear to have a particularly high risk of having an accident on a motorcycle.

NMCU’s chairman Odd Terje Døvik used the chance to remind the transport minister of the authorities’ responsibility to maintain the road network and remove unnecessary obstacles that can pose a great risk to motorcyclists. Lampposts, rocks and trees in accident-prone places can have a major impact on the outcome of an accident.

Source: NMCU

Top photograph:TV2

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