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Make good use of the roads: ride a motorcycle!

Motorcyclists know that riding a bike isn’t just great fun, it’s the best and most efficient way to travel as well.

Motorcycles are efficient
Motorcycles make efficient use of road space in congested areas, require less parking space than cars, have a lower environmental impact and running costs, offer an affordable option where public transport is limited and walking or cycling is unrealistic.

There is a motorcycle for everyone
Motorcycles offer a credible alternative and there is a model for everyone, from the nimble city scooter to the long-range touring motorcycle.

Mobility is a challenge
In the European Union, over 60% of the population lives in urban areas where about 85% of the economic activity is produced. Most European cities are expected to keep growing, along with the demand for personal transport. Many urban areas throughout Europe are chronically congested and this congestion costs Europe €100 billion per year. Reducing congestion, pollution and accident risk while at the same time increasing mobility is major challenge for all major cities in Europe. Powered two-wheelers are a big part of the solution.

Greener cities
Electric scooters and motorcycles offer a high potential for urban and short-range transport. Their introduction could be accelerated with awareness campaigns, scrapping schemes for older vehicles, and the installation of more charging stations.

Safer vehicles & safety behaviour
In the majority of accidents, motorcyclists are not at fault, but are overlooked by car drivers. Awareness and training campaigns can help solve this problem. There is safety in numbers: with more scooters and motorcycles on the road, the accident risk decreases as car drivers learn to share the road with motorcyclists.

What can be done to promote the use of powered two-wheelers in cities?
• Access to bus and taxi lanes where possible
• Allow filtering for better sharing of the road space
• Allow parking on sidewalks where appropriate
• Privileged inner city access and exemption from congestion charges
• Inner city motorcycle and scooter parking areas, free of charge
• Advanced stop lines at traffic lights, shared with bicycles
• Favourable taxation schemes
• Awareness campaigns addressing the advantages of motorcycle use

The Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA) represents European motorcyclists. FEMA’s purpose is to promote, protect and preserve motorcycling. FEMA’s mission is to promote riders’ interests and defend riders’ rights throughout Europe.