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Free motorcycle parking in designated places in Oslo

Norwegian motorcyclists’ organisation NMCU – a member of FEMA – is very satisfied with the new political government in Oslo that created free parking spaces for motorcycles.

Back in 2016 the old government decided to close down the free parking spaces for motorbikes in the town, despite intensive complaints from the users, led by NMCU. The feeling for all motorbike drivers was – most naturally – that motorcyclists were no longer welcome in Oslo. Over the years, and especially after the election last year, the CEO of NMCU, Arild Lind, has been in contact with several members of the local Progress Party (Fremskrittspartiet) on this matter.

As a result of the negotiations between the new government and their collaboration partner The Progress Party, they came to an agreement to open up at least fifteen new spaces for free parking for motorbikes this year.

NMCU’s Arild Lind (see photo) said: “We are extremely happy that the negotiations in the town hall have led to this result, and even though many other cities in Norway have some free parking spaces, we encourage and challenge all cities to look at Oslo and also create free parking spaces for motorbikes. The result will be less traffic chaos, less cars and better mobility in the city. This will also be a good gesture to both domestic and international visitors to Oslo.”

The city of Oslo has an interactive map where spaces for motorbike parking is marked. You can visit the map here and click on the icon to see the size of the parking lot.

Source: NMCU

Photographs courtesy of NMCU

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