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Finnish motorcyclists have a clear vision for the future

Marja Kuosmanen, SMOTO Chairman

Finnish FEMA member organization SMOTO just released their newest strategy and position paper. The document covers all aspects of motorcycling and clearly shows the vision of SMOTO for a bright motorcycling future.

SMOTO was formed in 1989 and is an association of Finnish motorcyclists and motorcycle clubs. SMOTO has more than 100 membership associations and more than 18,000 members. SMOTO protects the interests of all 500,000 Finnish motorcyclists and moped users.

In the National Strategy for Powered Two-Wheelers SMOTO describes the motorcycle as a substantial part of the Finnish traffic system that should be equal to other forms of transport. SMOTO states that the specific characteristics arising from the nature of motorcycling must be recognized and taken into consideration in the development of road traffic legislation, traffic infrastructure, taxation, and safety-related matters. In the strategy, SMOTO formulates a list of very clear and precise demands and wishes.

Click here to read/download the SMOTO National Strategy for Powered Two-Wheelers.

FEMA’s communications officer Wim Taal: “In FEMA’s view this National Strategy for Powered Two-Wheelers is not only of interest to Finnish riders and authorities, but it can be very helpful to both small and large motorcycle organizations throughout Europe. We know how important it is for national motorcyclists’ associations to formulate a clear strategy that they can use to positively influence their local, regional and national authorities and this excellent SMOTO document can be a great help with that.”