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European motorcyclists’ organizations working together

This week the periodic meeting between FEMA and FIM Europe was held at the FIM Europe office in Rome.

The meeting was set up to discuss the joint position papers on several motorcycle issues, which are regularly updated according to the latest information.

These documents will now have to be approved by both organizations and will be made public in June of this year.

From the left, on the other side of the table:

Morten Hansen, chairman of the FIM Europe-FEMA Working Group
Francesca Marozza, FMI Road Safety Education Coordinator
Silvio Manicardi, FIM Europe Vice President
Jesper Christensen, FIM Director of Public Affairs Commission
Dolf Willigers, FEMA Secretary General
John Chatterton-Ross, FIM/FIM Europe Director of Public Affairs
Wim Taal, FEMA Communications Officer

Photograph: FIM Europe